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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Decorating a Celtic Knot - Colour, Patterns & Shading

Decorating a Celtic Knot
 Colouring, Shading and adding Patterns
This celtic design has 4 strands. I have used 2 different patterns on 2 strands, and different colours on the other two stands.
The purple strand I have added extra colour where the strand goes under another, making the purple darker to look like a shadow is being cast.
The outside strand need no such shading.

Decorate one strand with a diagonal line going in 1 direction
Decorate the other strand with diagonal lines going in 2 directions.
These patterns are simple and detailed examples of the same pattern. It makes each strand look different and therefore the crossing of the strands are not lost to the pattern.
I used the same method of shading as I did in the last post, adding pencil to the under section of the crossover to make it look like a shadow has been cast. You can use a blending stump to give a softer look to the shading if you like.

The Celtic Knot I used above is 1 of the outlines you can find in my New Book
Here are some more of the 120 designs.
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