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From School Teaching to Art and Craft Representative I have learned that I love to teach Art & Craft and see the joy that discovering their creativity brings to people's faces. I live in Queensland Australia & love the laid back lifestyle and the crazy Aussie sense of humour.

I share my art and craft adventures, products and knowledge on my blogs creativedoodlingwithjudy.blogspot.com & celticknotswithjudy.blogspot.com

My favourite trend? Teaching those who think they have no artistic or creative ability to discover they have.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Decorating a Celtic Knot - Colour, Patterns & Shading

Decorating a Celtic Knot
 Colouring, Shading and adding Patterns
This celtic design has 4 strands. I have used 2 different patterns on 2 strands, and different colours on the other two stands.
The purple strand I have added extra colour where the strand goes under another, making the purple darker to look like a shadow is being cast.
The outside strand need no such shading.

Decorate one strand with a diagonal line going in 1 direction
Decorate the other strand with diagonal lines going in 2 directions.
These patterns are simple and detailed examples of the same pattern. It makes each strand look different and therefore the crossing of the strands are not lost to the pattern.
I used the same method of shading as I did in the last post, adding pencil to the under section of the crossover to make it look like a shadow has been cast. You can use a blending stump to give a softer look to the shading if you like.

The Celtic Knot I used above is 1 of the outlines you can find in my New Book
Here are some more of the 120 designs.
Printed Book Release
My book is already available in digital format on Etsy. I have now added a printed version of the same book.
Anyone who buys any of my books, digital or in printed form over the Easter Weekend from Friday 3rd until Monday 6th April, can receive 4 Free Designs from my next book.
As time zones differ around the world and Australia is a little ahead of many nations, I am keeping this special offer available for an extra day in Australian time so that other nations receive the offer for the whole Easter break.
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Bye for now. Thank you for visiting my Blog.


Friday, April 3, 2015

Decorating Celtic Knots - Shading with Pencil

Decorating a Celtic Knot & Shading with Pencil
This celtic design has 2 strands. I have used the same pattern with both strands, but because only one side of each strand is decorated the under and over weave is easy to see. Also the little curved lines in the pattern & the centre line, are going in different directions when they cross over another line and this also accentuates the under and over weave. Shading with pencil also gives the perception of depth.
Pattern Method:
Step 1. Draw a line in the centre of each strand.
Step 2. Draw curved parallel lines along one side of each strand all around the design.
Shading Method
To shade the knot design I have used a 2B pencil & a blending stump.
Step 1. Shade on the strand that goes underneath to form a shadow.
Step 2. With a blending stump blend the pencil to give a softer appearance to the shading.
The Celtic Knot I used above is 1 of the outlines you can find in my New Book
Here are some more of the 120 designs.

Printed Book Release
My book is already available in digital format on Etsy. I have now added a printed version of the same book.
Anyone who buys any of my books, digital or in printed form over the Easter Weekend from Friday 3rd until Monday 6th April, can receive 4 Free Designs from my next book.

My Etsy Shop is: HERE
I wish you all a very Happy Easter.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Decorating Celtic Knots-Shading & Decorating with Lines

Shading & Decorating with Lines

Decorating Celtic Knots can be a bit daunting at times. With all the close lines you can loose the under and over effect if you use dark colours or busy patterns. 

I intend to post some ideas that may help people struggling with these issues. I also intend to show interesting ways to decorate using, shading, colouring, lines and doodles.

Feel free to send me requests or questions. I will do my best to answer them.

The first idea I will show you is the knot below from my new book 120 Celtic Knots for Artists & Craftsmen.

To shade the under and over pieces I have used black lines. I outlined the design in a No. 05 Pigma Micron Black Pen and the did the decorating and shade in a No. 01 Pigma Micron Black Pen. 

The steps for the shading are below:

Step 1. Draw 3 parallel lines across the line going under, covering the full width.

Step 2. Draw 3 parallel lines across the line going under, but each line get shorter than the previous line.

Step 3. Draw vertical lines crossing the first 3 parallel horizontal lines, covering the full width.

Step 4. Draw small parallel diagonal lines beside the overlapping line, covering the full width.

To finish decorating this design I drew parallel lines inside each set of lines on both sides.

Here are some of the designs that you can find in my Book.



If you wish to purchase 120 Celtic Knots for Artists & Cratsmen you can click here: HERE

Have a Great Day.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

120 Celtic Knots for Artists and Craftsmen by Judy West

120 Celtic Knots
for Artists & Craftsmen
                                           by Judy West
My book is now available for sale.
Here are just a few examples of what you will find inside:

You can purchase my book as a Digital Download on
Etsy: HERE
I will also be offering it as a Book for those who want something to hold. It will be available for sale as soon as it returns from the printer. I will announce when it is available.
If you purchase my book, check out this blog in future for projects and ideas I will be posting on how to use and decorate the designs in this book.
I will also be giving those who have purchased this book an opportunity to post some of their work on this site and give them the chance to win some exclusive designs.
Have a Great Day.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Celtic Challenge 2

Celtic Challenge 2

Below is the way I have decorated this challenge.

I will be issuing Celtic Challenges from this blog from now on. 

 Below is the outline. My challenge to you is to decorate the outline however you wish. Suggestions are shading, colouring, painting, or doodle patterns. If you are into other crafts like Pyrography, Folk Art, Cross Stitch, Quilting, Card Making etc then use the design that way. 

The outline in this challenge is similar to some of the designs I will be presenting in my new book.

I am at present designing a book that will have around 100 Celtic Outlines for you to copy, decorate & use however you wish. My thoughts are a downloadable PDF at this stage rather than a book. I would appreciate you opinion on this, as the designs are almost finished and I need to decide on the layout. It will also include Doodle Patterns and other decorating ideas specifically designed for Celtic Knots.

I hope you all enjoy this challenge and please post your finished designs in the Mr Linky below, so that we can all enjoy your work.


Saturday, February 7, 2015

5 Piece Art Challenge

5 Piece Celtic Weave Art Challenge
I was nominated by Ninna Hellman on Facebook to join the
5 Day Art Challenge.
The object of the challenge is to
post on Facebook a piece of your art and nominate a different person each day to enter the challenge.
Here are the first 2 items I posted:
I have used the Celtic Weave to produce these pieces as I like the look of it so much.
As many of you like challenges I challenge you to post up to 5 different Celtic Weave designs on the Mr Linky below over the next month. They can be traditional or non traditional, I like both. You can post one or more, however your time permits.
 Just Remember an Artist is one who produces Art, not just a person who can draw or paint. 
Start Producing Guys.
I can't wait to see what you come up with.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

New Blog on Celtic Knots with Judy

Announcing My New Blog Site

I have decided to add a Blog Site dedicated to Celtic Designs. As you can see by the header my designs are far from Traditional. I do love traditional Celtic Knot Designs but am not interested in drawing what has been done before and probably far better than I can do.
I am more interested in creating new ways and easier ways to draw designs similar to the original Celtic Knot designs. I want to show people who love the look but feel they cannot draw how to easily produce what I am doing. Also to give very creative and talented people some interesting twists on the original Celtic Knot designs.
There is a Classes, Gallery, Outlines and Teaching Videos Page as well as this Home page for you to get inspiration from. My Classes page shows all the classes I teach at present not jut the Celtic Knot Classes.
I have Celtic Knot Classes starting this week in two locations. Check out my classes page for all the Class information. BOOK NOW don't miss out.
I will be adding more as time permits. Hope you enjoy.