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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Celtic Challenge 2

Celtic Challenge 2

Below is the way I have decorated this challenge.

I will be issuing Celtic Challenges from this blog from now on. 

 Below is the outline. My challenge to you is to decorate the outline however you wish. Suggestions are shading, colouring, painting, or doodle patterns. If you are into other crafts like Pyrography, Folk Art, Cross Stitch, Quilting, Card Making etc then use the design that way. 

The outline in this challenge is similar to some of the designs I will be presenting in my new book.

I am at present designing a book that will have around 100 Celtic Outlines for you to copy, decorate & use however you wish. My thoughts are a downloadable PDF at this stage rather than a book. I would appreciate you opinion on this, as the designs are almost finished and I need to decide on the layout. It will also include Doodle Patterns and other decorating ideas specifically designed for Celtic Knots.

I hope you all enjoy this challenge and please post your finished designs in the Mr Linky below, so that we can all enjoy your work.



  1. I'd love to purchase the book in PDF form if that's what you decide to do. I have downloaded a few books in PDF format and I really like that versus a hard copy.